Preventative Maintenance


Customer support plans

What you need is a solution to keep your production optimal at all time and preferably at the lowest operating cost. Our specialized advisors will visit your production facilities and assess your specific needs. This allows us to propose the most cost effective Customer Support Plan for your maintenance needs.

Ways to ease your mind

  • We leave it in your hands
     We deliver the necessary spare parts and leave the actual maintenance up to you. We advise you via e-mail when your service is due and supply a list of parts required to perform complete service.  You will never miss a service as we will continue to advise you when your next service is due based on your operational hours with our service management software.
  • We perform regular service
    We service your compressed air system at predetermined intervals determined by our service management software and advise you by e-mail when service is due. We then schedule a service time that  works for you and bill you for parts  and labour after each service.
  • Annual Service Contract                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We service your compressed air system at predetermined intervals to lower the risk of unexpected problems and keep your production process optimal at all times. The routine maintenance costs are fixed, which allows you to easily forecast them.


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