Installation & Design

Air Compressor Installation & Design


An Air compressor  is only the first step in the design our your air system.  Industrial Compressor Services have over  30 years experience in compressors sales / design / installation. We will ensure your complete system is operating the most efficient way  possible.

  •  Our goals is to  make it an easy and stress-free experience. Our service doesn’t end with the purchase or delivery of your new equipment. We will assist with the installation of you compressed air system.
  • We will design your complete piping system while determined the proper pipe size to minimize pressure loss and save you money on electrical cost
  • We will co-ordinate the installation of your electrical , ducting  or any other sub trades required to complete a turn key installation
  • We will ensure the proper size inline filters, air dryer, oil /water separators and air compressors are purchased and installed from the beginning
  • We have visited several facilities where the air compressor system has never been designed properly.  This has cost clients  in  production and on there electrical bills. Industrial Compressor Services will ensure you install the proper and most energy efficient system from the start.


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